Affordable car insurance in Port St. Lucie Florida FL

Are you searching for a cheap car insurance in Port St. Lucie Florida FL?

To get cheaper car insurance in Port St. Lucie you need to focus on a lot of factors and we’ll discuss a few major. If we talk about an average rate of car insurance in the city, it is higher than both the state and national average. Insurance rates may change depending on your driving history, insurance policy coverage and limit, and the number of insurance claims in your area. An average auto insurance policy in Florida costs $1,140.84 per year. The national average cost is $866.31 and it’s little higher than the national average. It may be due to a lot of factors like income per capita or intensity of cars, because more demand may increase the rates.

cheap car insurance in Port St. Lucie Florida FL


Let’s know about average annual Car Insurance Rates in Florida:

  • The minimum Liability Coverage rate is $83.24.
  • The rate of Collision coverage is $259.86.
  • If you want Comprehensive coverage, it may cost you $111.71

We can calculate the monthly cost, it’s $95.07 but if you take a policy with monthly payment plan then this figure can change because monthly insurance policy costs more than annual or semi-annual policy. If you want a cheaper car insurance in  Port St. Lucie Florida FL then you should go for annual or semi-annual policy.